Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mac 'n' Cheese

We went to the church potluck today and I took homemade Mac 'n' Cheese. It's an old favorite, so I'm inclined to share it with you. Modified from an old Martha Stewart stand-by.

Macaroni and Cheese

6 tablespoons butter
½ cup all-purpose flour
4 cups milk
2 teaspoons kosher salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
6 cups grated cheese (you can use a variety of cheeses or all sharp cheddar)
1 pound elbow macaroni
½ cup plain bread crumbs

Serves 12.
You can easily divide this recipe in half; use an 8x8 pan if you do.

Heat the oven to 375°. Cook macaroni al dente.

Melt butter in a high-sided skillet over medium heat. When butter bubbles, add flour. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Slowly pour milk into flour-butter mixture while whisking. Continue cooking, whisking constantly, until the mixture bubbles and becomes thick. Remove the pan from the heat. Stir in salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, 5 cups cheese.

Stir cooked macaroni into the reserved cheese sauce.

Pour the mixture into a 9x13 pan. Sprinkle remaining 1 cup cheese and scatter bread crumbs over the top. Bake until browned on top, about 30 minutes. Transfer dish to a wire rack to cool for 5 minutes; serve.