Friday, April 21, 2006

Mas Que Nada

I love NPR just like Annzy does. I especially like it on the morning commute. It's kind of funny, because it's a 2-hour loop and I usually get in my car after the gym exactly two hours after leaving it to go into the gym. I just pick up right where I left off.

This morning, the story I heard arriving and leaving the gym was about Sergio Mendez. You may or may not know that he's a family favorite. We heard his work while driving to Burley, Salt Lake, San Francisco, L.A., Tucson, and everywhere else we ever drove as a family. It was one of the few things we all liked (and we only ever listened to anything that Dad liked, so this is saying a lot).

You can listen to the new album Timeless here. Somehow, I don't think my Dad would buy this one. I couldn't even recognize Mas Que Nada (which is one of my favorites from the Best Of album). E Menina is totally old school though. Maybe Dad would like three or four of the songs.

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