Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now Taking Recommendations

The DH and I are quickly coming upon our first anniversary. It’s mere weeks away and we’re very excited to have made it through the “toughest year of marriage.” In anticipation of a fabulous anniversary, we’ve both taken time off work. Unfortunately, we haven’t done much else in the way of planning. The DH was given a recommendation for cabins in the Sun Lakes area, but, alas, they are all booked at the end of August.

So, here’s the deal-i-o. I’m putting it out there to all you great blog-reading friends to give us recommendations. Here is the criteria:
  • No more than a 3-hour trip from home with no plane trips involved
  • A place to stay for less than $150 per night (we have some class, but don’t want to blow our wad in one place)
  • A few activities in the area that you would recommend

See, we’re not too picky. And maybe there can be a prize for whoever picks our anniversary destination. I’m sure I could come up with something worth your effort!


Duchess said...


BTW- in my vast experience of 5 whole years of marriage I found the 2nd year much more difficult.


Victoria: I know it's a little expected, but that is so for a reason. Mostly the reason I suggest it is the fantastic B&B Link and I stayed in
With the internet discount it's under your $150 limit.
Now, this might not be up your alley, but the bug museum was really cool, also enjoyed the century of change exhibit at the BC museum. . . and of course always whale watching tours and Butchard Gardens.
See my blog entry for more

2nd suggestions
Sun Mountain Lodge near Winthrop, WA
We went there for a most romantic and relaxing weekend last winter. They have a summer surprise special going on
"Summer Surprise!
Surprise the outdoor lovers in your family with our Summer Surprise Package!
From just $94 per person based on double occupancy, enjoy a first-class guestroom
and delectable breakfast.
Available through September 7, 2006 midweek, Sunday through Thursday nights."
Might work for you depending on when you plan on going. Otherwise the rooms are a little above your $150, but trust me, well worth it!

They have a list of activities to do around the lodge on their website.

Now, you know I'm not really an "outdoor" person, but this placce is at the top of my list to return to.

Have fun


liz said...

Is there a jazz/lavender fest going on in Sequim? Those were both things I wanted to do. B&B, all things lavender, fabulous music.

Or, you could drive like really really fast, like mach 29, to Chicago. Then it would only take you three hours, you could sleep in our bed for free and I'd make you banana pancakes in the 100 degree 100% humidity weather! Ooooh tempting. I know it is.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Liz, we'll be in the Chicago area in just over a week. I don't know what our itenerary looks like yet, but we'll give you a call and see if we can hook up. You don't even need to tempt me with banana pancakes. Patrick would love it if you could find the best Chicago style deep dish pizza for him though!