Thursday, February 08, 2007

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day, that is...

The DH and I aren't very good at Valentine's Day. It started when we were dating. For the record, we didn't get serious until March, but we both really liked each other in February.

I'm seriously deficient at being able to take risks, so I wanted to let Patrick know I liked him without putting anything on the line. Go figure. He's the same way. What a great combination.

Before our Valentine's Day date, I picked out the perfect card. It was just the right mix of "I like you" and "you're OK" without jumping up and down and saying I was really into him. At the same time, he had purchased a stuffed Valentine's bear. You'd think we could just be straight with each other and give each other these heart-felt gifts. But, if you thought that, you'd be wrong. We're far more pathetic than that.

After dinner, we chatted in my living room, at arms length of course. Then Patrick said goodbye and I didn't give him the card and he didn't give me the bear. He left after I said goodbye. But that's not the end of the story. He came back from his car and abruptly said, "I got you this." As he shoved the bear in my direction, I said, "oh, I forgot to give you this," and shoved the card in his direction.

Then he left for real and we both felt like complete idiots. When I shared this with my friend Lori at work the next day, she concluded that we were meant for each other. There are no two bigger invertebrates. We should not inflict ourselves on anyone else.

Happy Valentine's Day, DH!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Now that is one of the best Valentine's Day dating stories I have ever heard :) !! You are meant for each other!

seancarter said...

Now that's really an interesting story...and really enjoyed myself going through it...well thanks for sharing those wonderful moments...well hey i'd also like you to visit my blog on Valentines Day sometime and share some of the love it's filled up with!!!