Monday, February 02, 2009

Highlights for the last month?

Even though I had a lot going on, there were still several highlights over the last month. Here's the good stuff:
  • In mid-January, I got to hear Michael Pollan speak at the Seattle Arts & Lectures. In addition to being very entertaining, he also got me thinking. I'm now looking forward to reading some of his books. Thanks, Kathleen, for loaning me one!
  • Later that same week, I made the trek over to the U district to hear Julie Beck, the General Relief Society President. I really enjoyed her message about how none of us really get to live the "dream" we thought about as young girls. It was a very nice reminder that although life doesn't often turn out as you thought it would, it can still turn out quite nicely. I left feeling pretty good about my life as it is now.
  • Last weekend, the DH and I got to help celebrate a friend's birthday at Luau. The restaurant is really fun and the food is fantastic. We also got to see some folks we don't often run into, so that was fun too.
  • On Saturday, also last weekend, was the Seattle Mathlete's baby shower. Beep did a fantastic job of planning, creating, and decorating. You can see more of what she did here. I loved the chartreuse theme, but the very best was her invitations and the onesies that she embroidered with the same bird she put on the invites. She's brilliant!
  • Later that weekend, the BIL, Brent, came to town for some business. Since his business just happens to be my business, we got to hang out some. It was pretty cool going on a client call with him.
  • Last week was super hard, but another hightlight was finishing two HUGE projects that had completely unreasonable deadlines. It feels fantastic to have them done and out of the way.
  • This weekend, I finally got a pedicure that I've been wanting for weeks, but just couldn't find the time to do.
  • My Sunday was actually very relaxing and I didn't work at all. That's the way it's supposed to be.

What have your highlights been? Enquiring minds want to know!


Hope said...

I am so glad you are done with work (for now). I know you were putting in alot of hours. Happy you are finally relaxing a bit.

Steve said...

highlights for me include:

my firm laid off 15% of our staff on one day.

the lil'mathlete will be here any day now. (I'm so excited!!).

Kelly and I finally reached our savings goal. I now feel safe if/when i get laid off.

the sun is shining.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

My Highlights Include:

1) Figuring out my new work issued iPhone and playing around with all the cool features on it.

2) Making some super tasty food to share at Domino's night, and getting more recipes to add to the mix of things I cook. Steve & Kelly also had us over for super tasty Chicken & Dumpling's from Cooks Illustrated.

3) Shuffling things around in our retirement plan and finishing setting up all the liquid money auto transfers at a new online financial institution.

4) Making more food items out of the new Bon Appetit, Fast, Easy, and Fresh Cookbook.

5) Starting to read another Michael Pollan book, not food related, and a new Truman G. Madsen book on temple symbolism.

6) Being called to teach Temple Prep for our combined wards that meet in our chapel.

Holly said...

Wow, lots of highlights! I'm glad you had fun at the shower, I love that you are observant and appreciate the details. That was a highlight for me this week!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I remember my last completely relaxing Sunday. It was when church was canceled due to snow and we were forced to stay at home and relax. It was niiiiice. Not that I don't love church, mind you. But I'm in the Primary and have 5 kids. You understand, right?