Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Letter to my 20-Something Self

Last week, Annzy shared this blog post from Mighty Girl that was simply delightful. I then found out it was part of a project called 20-something self letters that blogger Cassie Boorn started. The call was this:
I am asking your to write a letter to your 20 year old self. Share the things that you questioned at 20 that you no longer questioned. Share your wisdom and advice. Give some guidance to another generation.

So, loving meme's as I do, I thought I should write a letter to my 20-something self on my birthday. And because I like you all, I'll even share it with you.

Dear 20-Something Self,

You are smarter and prettier than you give yourself credit for. You should take chances on things that might not turn out and really quit worrying about what other people think. Your life path won't look like anyone else's, so quit worrying about everyone else. And while you're at it, quit making decisions based on how you think your life might be ten years from now. You could always change paths. It's not as hard as you think it might be. Just go for it. If you want to be an opera singer, quit being a pansy and do it.

You should try to have a little more confidence in yourself. That lack of confidence won't do you any good. If anything, it just holds you back from having a lot of experiences that you might actually enjoy. You really ought to grow your hair out too. It looks better and you like it better. To help with the confidence, you really ought to try working out. That aerobics thing will never be more fun, but there are so many other choices that you could enjoy and would help you avoid health problems down the road. You will also find that you feel better and handle stress better when you try that exercise thing.

And finally, let yourself love more and be loved more. Invest more time in people and you'll be that much happier for it. You might get hurt more, but you will live more vitally and it will be worth it. It's OK to hug more people, tell people you love them, and cry a little more. All of those emotions will make your life fuller, not scarier. And while you're at it, just act crazy every once in a while. Sing karaoke out loud. You'll like it.

Your older and wiser self

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Layla said...

I looooooooove this letter. Seriously I could add more o's to love to express how I feel about it.

Talking to you about my challenges as a 20 something has helped me realize that I am insanely wrapped up in my worries. I need to enjoy my time and be more daring.

You are awesome!