Friday, January 28, 2011

Ladybug Pushpins

Growing up, we would visit Granny and Papa's house quite regularly and I have more memories that I can count of time at their house. While I was visiting a bookstore a while ago, I came across something that made me very nostalgic for their house. You see, Granny and Papa had a big bulletin board in the hallway with all kinds of fun things on it. And most of them were held up with pushpins that looked like ladybugs.

When I saw these I couldn't resist.

It's not quite the same as at Granny and Papa's house, but I think they look pretty cool on my bulletin board.


Layla said...

I love that you have a granny, because I had one too. I also really love how Patrick is posing in the picture.

annzy said...

i think it is odd that i remember the push pins but not one other single thing about the bulletin board ~like where it was or what was on it.
Call me green that you have your own.

Orange said...

I love those! But no nostalgic memories for me. (which is good because if I remembered them it would probably mean that DH and I were related and that would be bad)

Mr. Koshchei said...

I remember a picture of an owl on the bulletin board that I doodled up when I was around Max's age, that stayed up there for years, along with the picture of Beth winding the clock. I'd forgotten the ladybugs completely until reading this.

liz j said...

Those are seriously cute.