Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Ol' Ball and Chain

Technically, I think I might be the ball and chain. Even if I am, I’m the best damn ball and chain the DH has ever had. Hands down. How’s that for confidence?

We celebrated our first anniversary last month. It was pretty cool. We went on a trip to Mt. Rainier and then to Sun Mountain Lodge near Winthrop, WA. It was beautiful on both trips and we had a great time. The food, the hikes, the scenery, and the hot tub were all great. We even had fun going to church in Twisp. They have a branch with less than 20 people. They bring in speakers from wards in the area and the second speaker was literally the worst sacrament meeting speaker I’ve every heard. It was hysterical.

I also had a first on the anniversary trip. On the way out of town, we bought a fishing rod and license for me. On Monday, we went fishing and I caught my first fish (in memory at least – sorry dad if you ever helped me catch a fish and I forgot). It was actually fairly entertaining and I’d do it again as long as I had a chair to hang out in instead of standing on the shore the whole time.

Good times! I highly recommend the anniversary.


Duchess said...

Just got back from Sun Mountain Lodge. It was wonderful.
Isn't it a lovely place?

Liz said...

Did you eat the fish?

Oh, and I am definitely the ball, but I don't think either of us (Darin or myself) claim to be the chain.