Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Do you ever have one of those days where you just wonder how you got here? I have to say, I’m not really on the path that I thought I would be on. It’s a pretty good path – no complaint really – just not the one I expected.

Today at work, I have been dealing with spreadsheets, numbers, and vendors. My degree is in English with a minor in vocal performance. I planned to get married and stay home with kids. How did I fall into spreadsheet madness?!? Seriously, this is just freakish. My favorite thing about getting my degree at BYU was testing out of basic math and taking the foreign language option so I wouldn’t have to deal with numbers. It seems I can’t escape them though.

It does all make me wonder how much of my life is chance (or fate, or what have you) and how much is deliberate. And if it’s not deliberate, is it because I didn’t try hard enough or because life just doesn’t work that way?

That’s my philosophical question of the day.

Now back to the spreadsheets.

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