Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to the DH!

Today is the DH’s 50th birthday. We celebrated last night with a party at Sunset Bowl in Ballard. We invited all the best people we knew and most of them even showed up. We had four lanes reserved and had all kinds of good food in the banquet room upstairs. It really was a fun way to celebrate.

Folks that wanted to bowl got one game in before we sang, ate cupcakes, and opened presents. I had a great time getting the present for the DH. Since I’ve met him, he’s talked about wanting a Ford F-150 pickup truck in black or silver. The big 5-0 seemed like the perfect time to surprise him with just that. It took an elaborate plan and a husband clearly lacking in any suspicion whatsoever.

I went to the Ford dealership last Saturday and bought the silver truck. They kept it at the lot for the week. Then yesterday, I told the DH I had a pedicure appointment with my friend Jamie. She came to pick me up, but we went to the dealership, picked up the truck, and I drove it to the bowling alley where she came and picked me up.

When we got home, the DH told me there was a weird message from a car dealership about my appointment. Fortunately, he didn’t think I’d be doing such a thing and didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

I got some decoy gifts, then put the keys to the new truck on a newly purchased Oakland Raiders keychain and put it in a small box. It was the last thing he opened (after bunches of really cool things that his friends bought for him).

When the DH opened the car keys, he didn’t’ get it right off. He thought it was my keys on a new key chain. I had to tell him the rest of the gift was in the parking lot. He was ecstatic! I think I may have done all right with that gift. You only turn 50 once, and it’s a big milestone, so that’s the biggest gift he’ll ever get from me. (And he’ll be helping to pay for it for the next little while.)


Duchess said...

Lucy, you rock!
Happy Birthday Daddy Shark.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for throwing an awesome party and thanks to the DH of yours for having a birthday :) !! We had a blast bowling ... even if we were a little sore the next day :)!! (See a post on my blog about that :)!!)

Liz and Jon said...

FUN FUN FUN! We had a blast and it was great being able to see Pat unlock his suprise =). I'm so glad we have such cool friends.

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