Tuesday, November 28, 2006

24 Degrees Fahrenheit

It’s unseasonably cold in Seattle today – 24 degrees Fahrenheit at 12:20 p.m. to be exact. We’ve had a bit of a cold spell with the weather and it’s not what we’re used to here in the normally temperate northwest. There is also a bit of snow on the ground. At one time, it was close to four inches.

It’s quite lovely, but a real mess too. It all started on Sunday afternoon with some lovely snow. Then it got warmer on Monday morning, but worse on Monday afternoon. The result was a horrible commute for most folks in the Seattle area. I decided to work from home, so I missed most of the ugliness. The DH, however, did not.

Today, it’s much worse. The snow that fell yesterday turned into a big sheet of ice over night. The Microsoft campus actually closed. I’ve stayed home again today and the DH didn’t go to work until 9:00 after the sun came up. Normally, you would expect everything to melt here when the sun comes up. Not today though. It’s only 24 degrees.


Anonymous said...

I am ready for the ice to melt ... I couldn't even get out of my neighborhood today!

Duchess said...

Me too, they closed 145th above our house, the smart challenged drivers decided to try our road as a detour. There were between 7-12 cars/trucks/vans sitting in the middle of our street throughout the day today, including an SDOT truck who got stuck while trying to put down sand.
I'm blaming it all on the Duke who has been praying for snow.