Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Meme -- from the rule-breaking, Miracle-Whip-eating, car-accident-surviving, accident-prone, contest winner.

I got tagged for a meme by An Ordinary Mom, so here goes. These are five things you don’t know about me:
  1. On my mission, I spent the night in the Elder’s apartment while they were in their landlord’s resort house up in the Alps.
  2. I like Miracle Whip sandwiches. Who needs the meat anyway? At least it’s not as gross as Mac ‘n’ Cheese with ketchup.
  3. I’ve been in three major car accidents, but have never been seriously injured. This includes being the passenger in a car that was totaled crossing the Blue Mountains in Oregon and continuing to drive it to Seattle and back to Boise. The two of us in the car were fine, but the body shop asked if there were fatalities when it was brought in.
  4. I lost my front tooth when I was hit by a swing when I was 2 years old and had that gap until I got my permanent teeth at 7. I think this made me much more empathetic when my mission companion wrecked her bike and lost her front teeth when we were riding our bikes in the rain.
  5. I won a Father’s Day essay contest sponsored by the Idaho Statesman when I was 12 by writing about why my dad was so amazing (and he still is).

Seeing as I was tagged for this one, I feel it my obligation to tag five fabulous people as well. I'd like to know five new things about the DH, Annzy, The Duchess, and Darin and Liz over at Corndogs and Avodados.


An Ordinary Mom said...

What a rebel you are ... I always knew it :) !!

You and my Dad would get along very well. He eats plain mayo sandwiches, but sometimes he puts just pickles on them.

Glad you played the meme game :) !!

Fantastic Five said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk...(just kidding)

It was fun to read your list!

annzy said...

i would just like to say i knew all of those things about you ~and i still like you in spite of the mircle whip sandwich thing

Proverbs31 said...

Hmm. You and my girls would get along well. I need the meat. Me, that's who. ;) I'd have said it was better than the ketchup and red beets. YUCK!

theDH said...

Had I known you were that twisted, I never would have dated you. Miracle Whip. GLUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!