Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year -- and Playing Catch Up

There's been so much happening in the last week that I'll just have to give you the highlights.

Christmas Eve was spent making homemade pizzas with our friends as we helped them celebrate one of their traditions. We had a great time visiting, playing with kids, catching up on the goings-on, and just having a really nice time with fantastic people.

On Christmas day, the DH and I woke up to open presents. I think we both did wonderfully. Here are the spoils for me:
and here are the spoils for the DH:
My best thing was probably the Lodis red handbag, big enough for the laptop. It's beautiful, but the best part is that the DH had seen me coveting it and then went back later and picked it up. I think the DH likes his new iPod the best, though he should probably speak for himself.
On Christmas day, the brother, SIL, and nephew came over for Christmas dinner. We had smoked turkey from Jensen's smoke house and I think I'm never buying regular turkey again. It was SO yummy! I highly recommend it if you can get a smoked turkey. The SIL also made really tasty pumpkin cake that tasted super yummy, a little like gingerbread. I made pear cake with no refined sugar for the DH and we had whipped cream with cinnamon instead of sugar in it. My friend Kathy came up with that brilliant idea and it's really tasty (assuming you like cinnamon the way I do).
The cream pudding was too thick, so after we ate, I mixed the rest of the cinnamon whipped cream into it. Now that was a happy accident! It was even tastier than it had been, which is pretty tasty.
On Sunday, we enjoyed turkey and dumplings made with some of the leftover turkey. The smoked turkey made that taste great too! Bottom line -- smoked turkey rocks.
This week, the DH has been off most of the time, but I've still been working. It's been super busy at work with my right-hand gal going out on maternity leave any moment now. good times!
Last night, for New Year's Eve, the DH and I stayed home and I set up a new printer and did some cleaning and purging in the office. I like to save a lot of things, but I sure enjoy getting rid of stuff. I like order more than I like stuff. So far, I have four boxes of things to take to DI. That feels good. We stayed up until midnight and toasted in the New Year with blueberry sparkling cider and watched some of the space needle fireworks on TV. We'll need to go see those in person some time.
This morning, we slept late and then took down all the Christmas decorations. The DH still needs to take down the lights outside, but other than that, it's all cleaned up. The house seems a little emptier now, just like it does every year. It's also a little more orderly and looks like a home ready for a new start.
I hope you all have a very happy new year!


boisegrammy said...

Looks like Santa found you. We too slept in late today and we didn't even stay up past midnight last night. We also cleaned up and put away all of the Christmas decor. I left the snowmen out because I need to use them next week for the Sr. Sisters luncheon. It does look a little bare, but feels good to have it done.

Dan said...

We got all our decor down this past weekend. The house always seems really bare when the decorations come down, especially since we have just as much Halloween and Harvest decorations as we do Christmas. Our house and been packed with various decorations since the end of September.