Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I got the biggest kick out of this. You'll have to try it yourself as it's quite entertaining. Go to Google and type in "unfortunately, [your name]" and don't forget the quotes. Here's what I found:

  • Unfortunately, Noelle is not a music librarian and could not understand all of the road maps found in sheet music.
  • Unfortunately, Noelle's feelings about home -- or rather, her hometown of Rose, Oregon -- were changed forever the day Thomas Sutton broke her heart.
  • Unfortunately Noelle fell victim to the ball last night. The field was a little damp and covered in goose poop last night, which may or may not have added to any body malfunction.
  • ... unfortunately Noelle is likely to miss the game against St. Mochtas.
  • Unfortunately, Noelle didn’t think to ask about the condition of the radio until they were half an hour into the flight.

I just can't tell you how unfortunate it really is that I'm not a music librarian. I'm still wondering who Thomas Sutton is. And I hate to think of the words "falling" and "goose poop" in the same context. I'm OK with missing that game against St. Mochtas, though. I'll worry about the condition of that radio later.


Rager said...

Lots of stuff about Phineas Gage when I do my name, he is a rather significant figure, so it's understandable.

lefty said...

That's great. I just did mine and one of them was, "unfortunately, Kimberlee was right."

Holly said...

I just did it, my favorite was "Unfortunately, Holly’s birth also attracts the attention of Herrikhan, an evil warlock who freezes Holly’s heart, leaving her unable to survive.." I'm posting the rest on my blog.