Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Funny Spam (Redux)

I just went to delete the mail in my Spam folder and got a good laugh out of some of these, so I just had to share. I have not doctored any of these. They were real subject lines for mail sent to my e-mail address:
  • You've recieved an answer to your question
    (funny, I don't remember asking)
  • Putting Holy Fire in your Marriage!
    (I don't want to know how they plan to make that happen)
  • Erase your man troubles xjum
    (still wondering what the xjum is and how it might help)
  • Obama: I hear voices of dead people
    (Really? would that get you to open the message?)
  • Don't Waste Your Time
    (Don't worry, I didn't)
  • Pqraz Wubag
    (Who opens mail with that kind of subject anyway?)
  • Buy our goods -- live 200 years!
    (No thanks. All my friends would be dead.)

All that and many very offensive messages and other crazy things. I do get a kick out of some of these though.

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