Monday, May 18, 2009

The Promise of Warmth

We had a lovely weekend, but this morning, it sort of felt like Summer when the DH and left the house to go to the gym in the early hours. The sun was already up, and it smelled summery. It was still cool, with plenty of dew on the ground, but I loved the feeling I got walking out of the house.

The day started out overcast and a bit chilly, but I still left home without a jacket. The thought that crossed my mind was that it was well within the rules. As kids, we were allowed to put on shorts if the thermometer got above 65 degrees. The day promised 67, so surely I could go without a jacket. I remember begging to put on shorts as soon as it looked nice out in the Spring. It may have only been 53 degrees outside, but it was BEAUTIFUL! It looked like shorts weather, so I needed to be wearing shorts, already.

I'm a little more practical now (and wear shorts far less often), but I did ask myels, when would it be appropriate to start wearing capris to work? Is there a rule about that, like no white shoes before Memorial Day? At any rate, we quickly approaching that day, so you'll be seeing me with capris and no jacket for the next few months.


Holly said...

But then doesn't the story continue? It became cold, cloudy and rainy. I too went without a coat and froze my butt off waiting for Dan to pick me up from work :)

goisegrammy said...

It broke a record at 95 degrees here yesterday. And we chose to spread soil aid - what were we thinking?