Friday, June 26, 2009

Not the Surprise We Had Expected

The DH and I are heading to his sister's house just outside Hermiston, OR tonight to visit for the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, the DH's older half-sister (H-S) called to say that she and his dad (FIL) would drive up to surprise the DH's sister with a nice visit. It sounded great and we were looking forward to the family visit.

Fast forward to Wednesday night. H-S and the FIL left California to drive to sister's house, but went really far out of the way. Additionally, H-S and the FIL weren't getting along and H-S wanted to drive, but FIL said no, so she actually said she'd rather get out of the car. At a gas station in Wells, NV (yes, very far out of the way), she left FIL alone. She went to a hotel for the night and called the DH's sister to let her know that, SURPRISE!, they had been on the way to visit, but she had left the car and had no idea where FIL was now.

Needless to say, that left everyone in the family considerably worried about the wellfare of the FIL. He is diabetic and has issues with low blood-sugar that can leave him disoriented. We prayed and worried and hoped for the best.

Well, he ended up being just fine. He spent the night in Twin Falls and then drove to OR and landed at the DH's sisters house in the early afternoon on Thursday. The H-S, however, is sleeping in that bed she made in Wells, NV. I'm not sure how she's getting home, but she'll manage somehow.

As for the DH and me, we're headed Southeast this evening to go have a lovely visit with my in-laws. I'm sure we'll have a great time. We'll go the direct route though. We're not taking any detours.

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Dan said...

Funny. Looks like stubborn runs in every family! :)