Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Small Talk

It's when you talk about the weather, or "how about those Mariners, this year?" Well, baby, it's cold outside! Can you even believe how cold it is? I sure am happy to have my furnace for inside and a warm coat for outside. I was laughing when the DH said he thought it was too cold in Boise at Thanksgiving. We're at least 20 degrees colder here now than we were there.


Layla said...

It's sooo cold! Cold enough to snow? I really want at least one snow day :)

Dan said...

Yeah, the furnace at our place is on so much it's making constant hissing noise. I'm not getting restful sleep, but am toasty warm and NOT complaining...!

jason said...

Be glad you were here @ Thanksgiving vs. now.
It's forty degrees cooler now than it was then. Double Brrrrr!