Monday, March 01, 2010

Color Career Counselor

I just took a kind of fun Color Career Counselor test and found the results to be uncanny! It said that I'm a "Creator" and listed the perfect jobs for me. On the list were: Technical Writer, English Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Author, and Editor. My horoscope never comes that close to reality. Who knew that my color preference had anything to do with my career choice? It also indicates that I'd be a good Architect, Web Designer, Reporter, Medical Illustrator, Landscape Architect, and Package Designer. I have a feeling I don't have the chops for any of those though.

My second best career indicated that I'm a "Persuader" and that means that I'm one of those
"enterprising types that sell, persuade, and lead others." Have I sold you on how great this quiz is yet?

Honestly, the list of jobs was long enough to be pretty inclusive, so maybe it really is only as good as my horoscope, but it was fun to take.


LizzyP said...

That's awesome! What's a package designer? P.S. I could totally see you as an architect.

Holly said...

I'm a creator too! Yay!

Lizzy- A package designer can mean a couple things. It is someone who creates the shape and function of a package in an industrial design sense, or someone who creates the graphics for a package in the graphic design sense. I do both!

Sam said...

Gee - Creator too. Wonder how that could happen. Second: an organizer. Well, good thing I'm a technical writer who coordinates my team's work :-).

LizzyP said...

P.S. Did you read about this on Mental Floss? Dan came home after work and told me all about this test that Mental Floss had recommended and how the results said that he should be a musician, and artist, or a carpeter. (And a few other things.)