Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Danskin -- Here I Come!

Registration for the Danskin Triathlon opened last week and I signed up. I'll confess that this is not the first time I've signed up. I chickened out twice. This time will be different though. You may be asking yourself why I think this time will be different. I've asked myself the same question, and fortunately I have an answer.

This time, I started training in November. And, I didn't just start training. I made a real commitment. With that commitment, I've already seen some pretty great results. I've actually RUN my first 5K and I'm working to run a 5 mi race in two weeks. I'm confident that I can do those things and that gives me the confidence to know that I can do the triathlon.

This time, I also have a different type of support. My physician is supporting me. He happens to be a triathlete himself and has done some coaching with me in the pool to start improving the swimming. My trainer is actually my friend and is able to push me in ways that no other trainer ever has. That has come with results I don't think I even believed in myself. I have a good friend here in town who is training with me and we're now swimming together once a week (and egging each other on).

I'm not sure I really knew I could do this the other times that I signed up, but I know I can do it this year. I'm also really enjoying the changes that come with training for this really big goal. I feel good. I sleep pretty well. Life is good!


Holly said...

That is so awesome! I still marvel at the progress you've made. And you look great too! I am setting small goals for myself at the gym, my first is to try and walk 3 miles in under 45 min. Then maybe I'll move up to trying to job for 2 min, then walk, then jog...we'll see. Anyway, you've motivated me!

Sam said...

You not only CAN do it, you WILL!

An Ordinary Mom said...

So inspiring! Good luck with the training. One day I hope to run a 5K ... I really need to get my knee better!