Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swimming for Fun and Profit

Today is Thursday. I started "swimming every day" on Monday, so I've gone four days straight now. You may wonder why in the world I would do this (or maybe I just think that because several people have asked). Here are the reasons that I shouldn't do this:
  1. I'm really not a huge fan of swimming. It's tiresome and hard.
  2. I hate wearing a swimsuit (and who doesn't, really?).
  3. I hate how the chlorinated pool dries out the skin and does a number on the hair color.
  4. I haven't had to swim since I was twelve and that was under duress.
  5. I don't like to get up any earlier in the morning that absolutely necessary.
Even though it's counter-intuitive, I'm still taking on the challenge. In August, I'm going to participate in the Danskin Triathlon. The first leg of the race is a half mile swim in Lake Washington. The water will be cold, there will be no bottom of the pool, and I will be swimming with 100 of my closest friends splashing around me. This is more than a little intimidating to me.

Last week, I raised my concerns with my trainer. I'm worried that even though I've been swimming "regularly" that it's not enough to be ready for the half mile in August. My trainer is super supportive and very practical. He was a competitive swimmer in college and is very familiar with what it takes to do a half mile swim. He also knows my capabilities right now and he wants me to be confident when the big race comes. He knew I wouldn't savor the idea, but told me the best way to be ready would be to swim every day. It doesn't matter how long, how far, or anything else. Just be in the water every day.

So, this is why I am swimming every day:
  1. I want to be comfortable swimming with splashing around me and with someone in the same lane.
  2. I want to not think about my breathing because it's second nature.
  3. I want to feel strong and not ever have to touch the bottom of the pool.
  4. I want to be able to swim 18 laps without stopping, and have it feel easy.
  5. I want to avoid freaking out because I got water in my mouth or nose.
All of those things will happen if I'm in the pool every day. I'm still deciding if Sunday counts as a day. Even an "every day" swimmer may need a day of rest.

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Orange said...

Good for you getting out there even though you hate it! I have to admit that I'm pretty jealous- I swam for exercise all through college/after and loved it (all except the dry skin thing) It's not really an option for me right now- so enjoy it for me!