Thursday, May 06, 2010

Catching Some Hapiness

My good friend Layla over at The Grass is Greener is doing something fun for her birthday. She maintains that Happiness is Contagious and I think she may be onto something there. She asked everyone who reads her blog to send her a Happy List. I didn't want to limit the viewing of my Happy List to her readership, so I'm putting it here on my blog. It's all good stuff.

Happy List:
  • cool breezes on a warm day
  • feeling really strong
  • the last few minutes of the day lying in bed with the DH and talking (or listening to him snore)
  • clean sheets on the bed, especially when they're just a little warm from the dryer
  • chocolate
  • fresh cut flowers for no reason
  • watching antiques roadshow with the DH
  • sleeping in
  • road trips
  • lavender
  • vanilla ice cream
  • no socks
  • trips to boise
  • new clothes (especially when I have to buy a size smaller than I thought)
  • cute squishy babies
  • purses
  • going out to dinner
  • clean house
  • shoes
  • teaching the youth sunday school class
  • singing, especially to oldies in the car with the DH
  • long hot shower after a killer workout
  • reading great blog posts
Thanks, Layla, for suggesting the Happy List. It made me happy thinking of all these things.


Layla said...

I love it! I'm glad that it made you happy thinking about all the things that you love!

Anonymous said...

A big hug from my brother Pepe (cause that means we're not talking long distance)
Seeing the love Pepe has twinkling in his eyes for his DW
Freshly mown lawn (even if I didn't do it)
Mopped/scrubbed floor (who in the world would choose WHITE for a farm house??!)
Kittens, puppies, & little children at play.
Baby chicks that are NOT for butcher.
Roses, Lilacs, Carnations in bloom.
Watermelon that is sweet
The aroma of freshly baked bread just out of the oven.
Reverence in the Holy Temple-especially the Celestial room, holding hands with MY DH!
Cool thing to do--it's like Count Your them one by one.