Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Big Apple -- Part 1

The middle sister turned 40 this year, so the youngest sister dreamed up the big idea of taking her to New York City for a big birthday blow-out. All of us liked the idea of a trip to New York, so we agreed to a plan and set a date. The birthday was in March, but because you just can't count on the weather then, we decided to go in May instead. Lucky for us, that bet paid off and we had beautiful weather while we were there.

Mom and the sisters met up in Salt Lake and flew to NYC together, but my flight arrived an hour before theirs. The planets conspired against us somehow and zapped all of our cell phone batteries on the trip there. It really was quite a mystery to all of us. We all started with fully charged phones, then got off the plane and had low batteries. ALL of us! It made the meet-up a bit more stressful than it should have been, but we found each other after only about an extra 10 minutes and went to take the train into the city. Annzy took charge of transportation for the trip and got us on the right train and subway to get us to the wonderful hotel she booked. It was a quick ride in (about 45 minutes) and we walked all of about 100 yards to the hotel entrance from the subway exit.
Day 1 waiting for the subway to take us into the city

We checked into our room and realized that it was later than we thought, so we headed out and made our way to Serendipity for dinner. We had yummy dinner and then shared two desserts, including their world famous frozen hot chocolate. Unfortunately, we didn't call 48 hours in advance, so we couldn't get the Golden Opulence Sundae, with the price tag of $1,000.00. So sad for us.

Between the wait for a table and the transit time, it was very late by the time we got back to our hotel, so that was it for our first day in NYC. Of course, the highlight of day one was meeting up with the wonderful women in my family and having a great time with them.

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