Monday, March 20, 2006

The Buzz on Movies

I've seen a couple of movies since the DH had his surgery, but I think I like the one we watched last night better than most. We watched Elizabethtown even though he thought it sounded suspiciously like a chick flick (and he outright refused to watch Pride and Prejudice even though I batted my eyelashes a whole bunch).

The story is about a guy who creates the worst shoe fiasco in the history of making shoes and decides to kill himself over it. Unfortunately, his dad died in Kentucky, so he has to go take care of his dad's funeral plans instead of dying. It's then about his road to self discovery. (Sorry if that sounds like it wouldn't be any fun to watch -- I promise it is.)

We both really enjoyed it and have looked into getting the soundtrack. It was really good too.

We also watched The Brother's Grimm, which was only mediocre and Serenity, which was very cool. If you like Asian films, you'll love Serenity. It was also just beautiful to see. I would have enjoyed seeing it in the theater.

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annzy said...

I have the soundtrack and I love it the song by tom petty is perfect for you "eyes so blue they looked like weather"