Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Of Birthdays and Breakdowns

As you may have read in the previous post, it was the nephew's birthday. It was actually last week, but the family celebrated it on Sunday. My brother created a fine Bob the Builder cake. Of course, it was yellow cake baked in a bowl (trust me – it's the best cake you can have). He cut off the top inch of about half the cake to make Bob's face smaller than the hard hat. It seriously looked just like Bob. It was brilliant.

When we arrived, there was one whirling dervish nephew with dark circles under his eyes. At 3 years, the birthday joy was apparent and the kid was totally high on adrenaline and sugar. He ran, he hardly ate (except cake), he got excited about presents, he hated curling ribbon on packages, and he loved the huge Tonka dump truck he got. It even came with a hard hat. Now he has two hard hats, so his cousin could wear one too and they were ready to work.

The best part of the party was that the nephew, in spite of his energy and sleep deprivation, seemed to have a great time. He didn’t have a meltdown (while we were there at least – who knows what happened after we left). He didn’t cry. And, he shared his toys (mostly). I think he even liked the Cootie game I gave him, but who could tell after the Tonka truck arrived?

I, on the other hand, have been a bit sleep deprived for a few weeks now and had to have my own breakdown. I think I need to call in sick to work and just sleep all day.


Mr. Koshchei said...

Always proud of my creations, I took a picture of the cake, which you can see here.

Mmmm, bowl cake. Always a big hit.

annzy said...

I just made a bowl cake for Whitney's birthday ~yellow with chocolate frosting ~her favorite, I am so glad to see the family tradition move down the generations