Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Six Degrees and Pipe Dreams

Today, I was reading Annzy’s blog about things to accomplish in the Fall. (I’ll make my own list on that for later, but that’s not what this post is all about.) So, Annzy wrote her list after reading Erin’s blog on the topic of feeling “dark and twisty”. Erin’s blog was referring to Kim’s blog about Pipe Dreams (that apparently make her feel “dark and twisty”). Funny thing is, I had already read Kim’s post about Pipe Dreams after linking to if from Megan’s blog. Megan is in my ward and is a pretty cool gal that knits a lot. So, I know Ann and I know Megan and I read both their blogs and it was really funny to see that I could connect blogs with only five degrees of separation. I just had to share.

Now, for my pipe dreams. I have a few:

  • I always thought I’d get married in my 20’s and have three kids. That was clearly a pipe dream. Getting married at 39 changes some dreams.
  • I wanted to be an opera singer (but never wanted to work that hard at it). I love to sing, but never really jumped all the way into that pond.
  • I love to teach and really thought I would go back after just a couple of years in the business world. Instead, I let my credentials lapse and have now spent almost ten years working for the man. Maybe going back to teaching isn’t 100% a pipe dream. It might still happen, but I don’t know when.
  • Perhaps being a size 10 is a pipe dream too. Since I haven’t been that size since 7th grade, it might be a bit much to hope for.

So, anything you don't have a clear path for achieving sounds like a pipe dream to me. Maybe later I'll post on the dreams that I think might actually come true.

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