Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Days

By now, everyone knows that Seattle got blanketed with snow and that things here came to quite a standstill. On Tuesday, the WSDOT cautioned that everyone should stay home unless they were involved in “essential services” like doctoring and police officering. I’m curious what my friends and neighbors did on their snow days. Here’s what I did:

  • Worked some from home, but with a spotty internet/RAS connection.
  • Watched a bunch of TV, including the Tyra Banks talk show. Her show is really lame, but I was working on my computer at the same time and didn’t really think to change the channel.
  • Picked up a painting from the frame shop.
  • Almost got stuck in Patrick’s old truck trying to get into the frame shop parking lot (that had a bit of an incline).
  • Bought supplies for making Christmas cards.
  • Bought supplies for making Christmas gifts.
  • Took almost half an hour to get home even though it would usually take only about five minutes because 130th street West-bound was closed.
  • Forgot to plan or make anything for dinner in spite of the fact that I didn’t really accomplish anything all day.
  • Planned Christmas presents for everyone I want to give to.
  • Bought Christmas gifts online.
  • Worked more than I did on Tuesday.
  • Swept and mopped the kitchen floor (while participating in a conference call for work). I'm a great multi-tasker.
  • Bought groceries.
  • Made turkey soup for later and a really good dinner to make up for slacking on Tuesday.
  • Ironed table cloths at the church in preparation for a Christmas program this weekend.
What did you do?


Anonymous said...

Since school was cancelled I got to sleep in : ) !! That really started out my day well. We also got a chance to spend some good quality time together as a family! I was also glad we still had Thanksgiving leftovers because that made for easy dinners. And on Wednesday I thought I was going to get to see you. You even braved my slippery and icy neighborhood, but once you got here, who knows what happened to letting you in?!? Sorry about that : ) !! Glad you were still able to fulfill your duties as the ironer for Gifts of Christmas. By the way, I saw the table cloths last night and they looked pretty spiffy :) !!

annzy said...

I am pretty sure that last thing on your list was a lie ~an elaborate lie because you got "an ordinary mom" to go in on it with you ~because you don't iron.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Oh, you have no idea what I'll do when pressed into it by a church calling. :-(

Anonymous said...

No pun intended :)?!?