Friday, December 15, 2006

A Mighty Wind

We just keep making the national news with our weather. I find it somewhat humorous -- only because I'm not one of the folks on the phone with my insurance agent. It's been a wild night, but my home is fine and I actually have power (hence the ability to blog). My thoughts are with the thousands without power and those who are cleaning up the many trees and other messes.


Anonymous said...

After 10 hours in the dark, we are grateful that our power is back on. We are also more grateful than ever for all that electricity does for us! This is our third time without power in the last few weeks. Can't wait to go to CA next week ... not watch us bring the storms with us :) !! That would suck!

Anonymous said...

We didn't loose power even in the middle of the night with all the things falling and big things going BOOM in the middle of the night. Work did though, so I got an extra day off, Costco was closed though, so I was forced to stay home and knit. So tragic.
I was shocked though to see how much distruction there was just blocks from my house. Did you all see the two big trees that fell over Aurora near the zoo? I'm glad I wasn't there.