Monday, June 02, 2008

All-Natural Appetite Suppresant

I'm here in Philadelphia this week attending a conference. It's the Society of Technical Communication's annual event and it's in our constitution's birthplace this year. The city is really pretty cool and I'm staying at a hotel that's right in the middle of things. It's a great location. The block between the hotel and the convention center houses the Reading Terminal Market. It's a lot like Pike Place Market with lots of interesting shops and such.

Today for lunch, I took a detour into the market. I always enjoy the frenetic energy in public markets and this one did not disappoint. I really did enjoy the fish mongers, bakers, and candy makers in the market.

Since it was lunch time, I decided to sit down at the Down Home Diner. I sat at the counter and ate grilled cheese with a side of fried potatoes. Now here's where it gets interesting. I'm eating my sandwich (and it was yummy -- all gooey cheese on delicious whole-grain bread) and looking forward at the wall below the pass-through window by the soda machine and what do I see, but a little old cockroach. Just yuck. I mean, I know it's a big ol' market and all, but I did not need to see that. I wasn't very hungry any more after that.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Yeah, that would curb my appetite, too. Yuck!

PJMcD said...

I have 2 rules in life.

#1. Never let a bug ruin your meal.

#2. Always obey rule #1.

Come home and I'll make you a sammich, sans the roaches.Now that's an offer that you can't refuse.(If you could see me, I'm moving my eyebrows up and down real fast)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You are becoming quite the traveler.

Ewww, that is almost as bad ad finding a hair in your food.

Beep said...

That is so gross!! I've never actually seen a cockroach, but I heard that we had one in our office bathroom. I promptly cleaned out my desk of anything remotely resembling food...even my tums.

Megan Conrad said...

Wow! What a letdown after what sounds like such a yummy lunch. I'm hoping that the rest of your trip doesn't involve any 6 legged creatures:)

The Yarn Queen said...

I think your husband is biting nails. Hurry home I guess you noticed he misses you. Pretty darn sweet.
P S - hope you are enjoying your trip aside from the roaches.