Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warm Welcome

When we arrived home from the beach, there was a beautiful jar of flowered branches on the table. Carolyn had been bringing in the mail, so I just assumed that she had left the arrangement as well. When we talked to her, sho informed us that she had just brought it in off the doorstep and that was all the credit she could tak.

The flowers were beautiful -- I'm sorry I couldn't capture it in this picture. I just couldn't get the lighting right. Trust me though. They were fabulous.

We finally had to let them go yesterday, but they lasted for about a week and a half -- longer than any regular flower arrangement would have.

So, thank you so much to whoever left the arrangement. I'm not sure if it was my visiting teacher or the neighbors accross the street, but it sure brightened my home for a while.

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