Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mad Pickin' Skillz

Last night, the DH and I saw some amazing musicians at Benaroya Hall. The symphony put on a Summer concert series and last night was the final performance of the series. The musicians were the Sparrow Quartet, with Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck making up half of that group, and Earl Scruggs and his family band. You might know Earl best for the song that you'll be singing the rest of the day. He wrote the theme song for the Beverly Hillbilies. That's right. Ol' Jed's a Millionaire, and now you've got that song in your head.

I'm not the biggest blue-grass fan, but I have to say that those were some amazing musicians and I really enjoyed the evening of live music. Earl is 84 now, so his son did most of the talking and introduced the band. I was amazed at how fast they could all play. The one just played faster than the next. Of course, I enjoyed the dobro and the mandolin more than the banjo, but the banjo sure was a lot of fun.

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