Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Great Week

It's been another really nice week and I've got several highlights. It's really great to have good friends and family to share with. Here's the best of it:
  • Listening to Richard Russo at Seattle Arts & Lectures
  • Attending SA&L with Kathleen
  • Pizza with the DH for Friday night dinner
  • The Greek Bazaar on Saturday
  • Friends over for dinner on Sunday

I'm also glad the parents made it home safe and sound from their trip to Yellowstone, Jackson, and Cody.


boisegrammy said...

I like the new look. Sounds like you had a good week.
Some of my highlights: Trip with wonderful friends who go back many years. Visiting Cody and driving by our old house there. Birthday celebration with B who turned 4 and is a beautiful princess.

TinkerDoodle said...

I love the new look asked pjm how you did it and he goes, "I dunno"..think I figured it out though....