Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Not Right

I don't feel right today. (And don't tell me I don't look right -- I can figure that out on my own.) Last night I had an amazing headache. I'm one who really doesn't get sick much at all. I just get the requisite cold once a year and have some seasonal allergies. It's really normal boring stuff. But the headache last night, and what I'll call the hangover that it's induced today, are really not anything I'm used to. I got home from work and sat on the couch for an hour an a half (while the dear DH made dinner and brought me food) and then went to my bed and stayed there until 9:00. And I really didn't feel better, even after two rounds of high-dosage Advil.

I'm not really writing this to complain, though it may look and sound like a complaint. I'm really writing it because I was so overcome with feeling horrible that I could not believe that I couldn't just "get over it" and get the things done that I needed to. I was supposed to go to the store to pick up eggs and then make a cake. I couldn't do it. At the end of the night, as I was going to bed, I realized that this is how many people feel all the time. It helped me to feel much more compassionate toward people dealing with cronic illnes or pain.


An Ordinary Mom said...

It seems like I am plagued with headaches on a regular basis and they are definitely no fun. Especially when they get really bad or turn into migraines. I totally understand your pain! I hope you are feeling better!

PJMcD said...

I woulda rubbed yer feet if you'da let me. And then the power went out and I couldn't see them any more.

Beep said...

Pain is not fun. My sister-in-law has major migraines every day, even had brain surgery to try and solve the problem. Only to be told two years later that the surgery was pointless and she didn't have the syndrome they thought she did. I've never had a migraine, but I have had some pretty serious headaches. I know how you feel.

I hope you feel better soon! If it doesn't let up I'm serious you should see your doctor.

Bop said...

I hope you feel better soon. I had a migraine once, and it was the most painful evening I had. Even the lights turned on hurt. I hope you get relief, or see a doctor for next steps.