Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to the DH!

Today, the DH turns 52 -- and most will be surprised, because he really doesn't seem that old in body or spirit. In celebration of the man and his birthday, I was going to write 52 things about him, but decided that was just a bit much. So here is my top-10 list about the DH:

  1. He is one handsome man. He doesn't think so, but he's just wrong.
  2. He is a great friend. He would give you the shirt of his back if he thought you needed it (and probably has done just that at some point for someone).
  3. He is very loyal.
  4. He never turns down an opportunity to serve others. I love that he is so willing to give of himself and he's well known for it.
  5. He loves me even though I can make it hard sometimes.
  6. He makes awesome scrambled eggs and is a really good cook in general. Don't laugh at the good scrambled eggs -- he doctors them up until it's a culinary delight.
  7. He supports me in the things that I do, even when some of them mean spending time away from him when he'd rather we were together. Sometimes he even pitches in to help me so he can hang out with me when I'm meeting my commitments.
  8. He really cares about the underdog. I get frustrated about it sometimes (when the underdog calls at 7:30 on a Saturday morning), but I'm so impressed with the care he has shown to some of the people who just need someone to root for them.
  9. He takes his commitments very seriously. If he says he'll do something, he'll do it.
  10. He's strong in body and spirit. He has worked through some major obstacles and come out fighting.

I love the guy and I know I'm not alone. So, here's the shout out to the DH for 52 years!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

No joke, your Shark Daddy is really one of the fabulous men of this earth and there aren't that many. He won us over the first time we met him and we've loved him ever since. In fact I admit to being rather jealous of our time with him after you guys got together. I'm so glad that you love him so much becasue he deserves to be so loved.

I haven't called him back but we won't be able to make the birthday tonight. I had already accepted a temple assignment and am giving too many people rides there.

TinkerDoodle said...

That was the sweetest list I've seen in a long time....and yes we found some sugar free treats for him!

Hope said...

That was a cool Top 10 list. Every thing you said is true and then some. I loved it when he came over to our house just to "shoot the breeze" with Lee or both of us. I'm so happy you guys are together. Happy B-Day Daddy Shark!

boisegrammy said...

A Happy Birthday Shout to the guy our daughter thinks is the greatest. Therefore we think he is pretty great too. We have been very impressed with his willingness to be of service to some whom many would find it difficult to serve. That says a lot about a person.

Holly said...

That is a pretty great list, and of course not even close to the half of it. You guys are perfect for each other and each are lucky to have the other for many reasons.