Friday, November 21, 2008

Highlights -- Better Late Than Later

I usually post highlights on Wednesdays, but that was a busy day and no posting on highlights got done. As you can imagine, Wednesday is included in the highlights though. Here's the good stuff:

  • The DH's birthday. I was really excited to get him Photoshop, but now neither of us know what to do with it. I got a book with online tutorials, but that will take some time to learn. Maybe that will be a highlight in a few weeks -- figuring out Photoshop.

  • We had fun with the Wright's and Leyland's at Snoose Junction Pizza in Ballard. It's such a great little place with very tasty food and no issues with hollering kids.

  • A weekend with very few committments. We went to the ward play, but not much more.

  • Hanging with the nephew while the brother and SIL went to her 10th anniversary at Microsoft party. We had dinner at IHOP and the nephew seemed to have a great time.

  • Roasted free-range chicken from the DH's sister. She must have been an old bird -- the chicken that is. We had yummy carrots and potatos with it too and it was sure good.

  • Hearing the DH talk in church, and our good friend Carolyn. They both did great!

  • Home teaching the Neumann's. They're an older couple in our ward from Germany and were teenagers in WWII. They have more interesting stories than you can shake a stick at. We always have a great time visiting with them. They also sure put "trials" in perspective. I never had my friend die while we were working or throw a bomb back out the window after it fell in the kitchen. Seriously. Real stuff.

  • Hitting the gym like it's going out of style. I ran a bunch yesterday. Ouch.

I'm sure I've missed some, but those are a few high points.

And here's one I forgot to add last week. The DH asked me to make a bowl cake for one of the guys at work for his birthday. The guy loves to play pool, so we gave him a 9-ball. Fun, huh? The DH said the guys at work thought it was fantastic.


Becky said...

I love the Neumann's, how are they? We used to be so scared of them, but then they were our hometeachers and we love them...

An Ordinary Mom said...

We have had a lot of internet woes lately, too. Glad you got yours fixed ... and I hope Comcast works out well for you. Let me know how you end up liking their phone service!

I would love to hear stories from the Neumann's. Wow, what an amazing life!

TinkerDoodle said...
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TinkerDoodle said...

You did a magnificent job on Dennis's have to tell me how you did that i loved it....I really need to figure out how to make a football for the hubbys birthday...your so talented

Holly said...

What a great update! And as for photoshop, I may not be a master, but I know a few things.