Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, I'm in Orlando for the big convention. I guess there are only 15,000 employees here. I was exaggerating before. When I arrived on Wednesday, I was pretty tired. I'd been traveling for eight hours and didn't get lunch at all. My layover was supposed to be an hour, but ended up being 20 minutes with no time to get lunch. I flew NorthWest and they had NO food at all on the flight. I didn't have much fun at all.

When I got to Orlando, I got a cab to my hotel and watched a big thunderstorm start to brew on my way to the hotel. I checked in and got a room on the 26th (top) floor. it was perfect for watching the electrical storm that came through. The sky was black and the lightening looked so cool from that vantage point. It was probably the best part of my day. I had dinner with my co-workers at the convention welcome reception and went to bed too late.

Today, I spent the day watching demos of cool new software and listening to pep talks about selling the cool new software. It was pretty interesting, but 8-6:30 sitting in one spot pretty much the whole time. I could have used a few more breaks. For dinner, we went to Epcot center and ate at the Norway lounge. After dinner we watched the fireworks. They were the same as last year, but last year we got to stay and ride the rides. This year, we had to leave right after the fireworks. Bummer.

Now I've stayed up way too late, so I'm sure to be dragging tomorrow. Dang. I've had a really nice time with my co-workers though (which is why I've stayed up too late) and visiting with my old friend Blake. He seems to be doing well. It's really great to catch up. More later!

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