Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stuff and Stuff

So, it's been too long since I blogged. Work has been crazy busy and so has life. There are a few things that must be blogged, however.

  1. If you're reading along on Your Money and Your Man and you're married, then just skip to chapter 13. If you're single, go ahead and read all those chapters, but the married folk won't learn anything that isn't too late to hear. We'll discuss on the 1st of August.

  2. The DH and I saw Carmina Burana (after a fabulous dinner with Sam and Maile at the Brooklyn -- YUM!) at Benaroya Hall on Saturday. It was one of the most fabulous evenings of music I've had in a long while. Simply splendid. If you're not familiar with the music, watch this YouTUBE video.

  3. The symphony came after a whirlwind trip to Portand. We left on Friday at 3:00 and it took us five hours to drive the 180 miles down. We ate at the wonderful Dan and Louis Oyster Bar. It's 100 years old and the food was great. On Saturday, we went to the DH's company picnic. He got his 10-year service award and lost the horseshoe tournament. We then tore back to Seattle in the afternoon to make our evening engagement.

  4. The previous weekend, we went to see Alyson Kraus at Marymoor Park. The venue was nice and the music was great. We are seeing a lot of really good live music this summer. I think I like it.

  5. My birthday really ended up being great. I had a wonderful time with all the friends that made it to my party. One of the best things was that people even helped clean up, so when everyone left, I just relaxed and then went to bed. Here's a shout out to all my cool friends!

  6. Last night I got an invitation to speak in church. I hate speaking in church. I really mean it. My dad will be getting a call to help me. He's really good at this kind of thing.

  7. I have a lot of good friends who are dealing with really hard things. It makes me sad and I've had a hard time blogging because I want to write about those things, but they're mostly too personal and also a bit of a downer. I really prefer blogging (and dwelling) on more positive things.

  8. I'm going to Orlando this week for a huge conference for work. The Company basically brings in all the people from the field worldwide for this broughaha (yes, that's the correct spelling) which gets about 35,000 people in one place. It will be exhausting. I will get to go to Epcot for the fireworks display one evening and see my good friend Blake who lives in Singapore now. I'm looking forward to those two things.

  9. I'm mostly looking forward to coming home on Saturday.

That's enough for now.

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An Ordinary Mom said...

My goodness, do you need a couple of extra batteries put in you to keep going :) ?!?

Thanks for the heads up on the book. Starting on Chapter 13 will help since it is taking me so long to recover from our vacation. I still feel a little drained.

When do you get to speak in church? Hopefully they gave you a little bit more notice than just this Sunday :) !! Your talks are always AMAZING. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Topic?

Good luck in Orlando! And I hope life starts to improve for all your friends. I hear you on wanting to blog about "those things" ... I feel torn right now, too.

Thanks for your incredible friendship!