Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Was Your Name?

Today is a red letter day. I finally updated my Alaska frequent flyer account to include my married name. It's been only twenty-two and a half months since I got married and changed my name, so it really didn't take long at all. Now, the only thing with my maiden name on it is my passport. It expires in November anyway, so I'll have to get it updated then.

Last time I flew to Boise, I got the lecture about having my legal name on my boarding pass. Fortunately, the agent wasn't in too bad a mood and let me keep the boarding pass. However, with air traffic as it is, I didn't want to press my luck any more.

Here's to getting that one last detail of the name change taken care of!

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Penny Longstockings said...

It's such a pain, isn't it! We're going on 6 yrs. now and I still get things with Thompson on them all the time.
A funny thing: when I went to change my name on things like SS card and Driver's Licence, I hadn't gotten my marriage license in the mail yet. They accepted the temple certificate thet they give you at the temple. Bet that wouldn't fly in Seattle!