Monday, December 31, 2007

Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New!

I hope you all look back on 2007 with fond memories. I know I will. Here are some of the hightlights:
  • Spending President's weekend on the coast with great friends
  • Visiting Patrick's family in CA and going to his nephew's wedding
  • A Memorial Day road trip with the DH out to the Peninsula
  • Great friends over for a birthday BBQ on the 4th of July
  • Our anniversary in Friday Harbor (and super fun moped rides)
  • Starting a new job (and the DH did too)
  • Fun in Boise after Christmas

It really was a wonderful year. Now we ring in the new and look forward to creating more great memories. It's also a time to reflect on what needs to be improved. I think I'm still working on the same old things. I looked at my goals for last year and I really didn't do so well. Here's to a better 2008. My goals are pretty consistent:

  • Improve my health by excersizing and eating a healthy diet
  • Improve my spirituality by studying the scriptures and attending the temple
  • Improve my mind by doing smart stuff (or taking a class, or doing sudoku every day)

The DH and I have new gym memberships to a gym that opened today, so I'll let you all know if he goes to the gym with me. This should be interesting.


LizzyP said...

Yay! Happy New Year! 2008's gonna be great!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Happy New Year. Are you going to show PJMcD all those cool pilates moves you taught me? I would love to see him doing the Superman =)