Friday, October 31, 2008

Have You Voted Yet?

This morning, I spent some time and filled in my ballot for the elections. It was great to vote for president, but that's only a small part of what I did.

There were many other leaders, judges, and initiatives to vote for where my vote counts and will make a difference. It fealt great to practice my right to vote, have my voice heard, and make a differenct.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a state like Ohio or Pennsylvania where it would be a rush to really know your vote for president might change the outcome of the election. In Idaho, the delagates will go to McCain and in Washington they will go to Obama. That's OK though. I may actually be deciding the outcome for the governor of Washington or how I-1000 will turn out. I have power. So do you! Make sure you make it happen by next Tuesday.

And for fun, you can watch this non-partisan video:


Dan said...

It feels good to have voted, and no await the outcome. I did my absentee a week or so ago, and Holly is in the process of switching to absentee as well. I'll be curious to see the local outcomes on Tuesday. Not to mention I'll be thankful the Reichert, Burner, Rossi and Gregoire ads will be OFF the television!

boisegrammy said...

At our house we voted last week and I proudly wore my "I voted" sticker two days hoping to encourage those who saw me to do the same. We did early voting in person and didn't have to wait, but as Nov. 4th draws closer we see on TV that the lines are a lot longer. I will be doing my civic duty and helping others to exercise their voting rights on Nov. 4th. I like to think that makes a difference too.

jason said...

I love that video "there's more Baldwin Brothers than that."
We voted in my house last week too.
Two little votes... and yes, I know that some of my votes won't change the outcome but I still got my tiny little say.

annzy said...

Yeah voting ~but why are there Canadians in that video?