Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Highlights

The DH and I have been SUPER busy the past week. I'm ready for things to slow down.. like really slow... like a trip to Hawaii! It's only 10 days away. But that's not really part of my highlights. Even though it's been busy, all the activities have been a lot of fun.
  • Breakfast at Mae's with the brother, SIL, and their kids.
  • Issaquah Salmon Days with La and Lo and getting our ceramic pot.
  • Listening to General Conference -- there were some fantastic talks.
  • Having the DH cook awesome dinners for me on Sunday AND again on Monday.
  • Seeing Natalie MacMaster (even if she was pregnant).
  • The first half hour of seeing Chris Thile (mandolin) and Edgar Meyer (bass). The best was the Bach they played together.
  • Hearing Terry Tempest Williams at Seattle Arts and Lectures. She's an interesting character and shared moving stories.
  • E-mail from the parents, telling us about their trip.
  • Chatting with Ann on the phone (and reading about her trying to burn herself).

So much has been going on, but I looked at the calendar and after tomorrow, it calms down considerably.


Dan said...

Low key weekends are the best. I'm looking forward to some down time this weekend, and working on some more projects that I have not been able to work on for weeks, since we've been over committed it seems.

Holly said...

You guys seem to go, go, go all the time! I'm glad to hear most of it is fun.