Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing on my iPod This Week (Oct 27) -- This American Life

I had a great time traveling, but I must say that it was much easier getting there and back with my iPod in hand. The time went by very quickly while I was catching up on old episodes of This American Life. I've learned more about the housing market, economic crisis, federal judiciary system, and organ donation from this series than I thought possible. There's always something informative or entertaining. It's on TV too, but it's on Showtime and I draw the paying-for-TV line at premium stations.

I get my episodes from iTunes, but you can get them from the TAL site as well. Sometimes I actually listen on the radio, but it's usually while I'm running errands on Saturday and I'll miss a big section of the show, so I still have to catch up on the podcast.


Rager said...

I must say, TAL is my favorite podcase. Car Talk is fun, but it really is the same thing over and over again, so I've switched from the full show to the call of the week.

TinkerDoodle said...

I never did learn to set up the whole podcast thing but I never really do use my ipod that much cell phone has mobile TV and am/fm Radio

LizzyP said...

We love This American Life. Last year's Halloween show was so cool. I wonder what they'll do this year.