Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please Make It Stop!

This morning I had a dentist appointment and had my teeth cleaned. I was relaxed in the dentist's chair when the horrible noise started. There are three work stations and I was in the middle one. To the right, was the high-pitch sound of the dentist drilling a tooth. To the left was the lower hum of someone having the polisher on their teeth. In the middle was me, hearing the scraping of plaque from my teeth.

It was torture.

I'm sorry you had to read that, but I felt the need to share my pain.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Tis the week for visiting the dentist. I went yesterday, but I think my visit was more pleasant :) !!

Hope your ears are doing better.

Holly said...

Yes it is a week of dentists. If there was screaming in the background that was me. So help me if I ever need a crown again, someone should just knock me out with a club.

lefty said...

I'm with you on this. It is the sounds at the dentist that rattle me. The sound of the high-pitched drill bring my shoulder up to my ears; and that low-toned drill that makes my whole head vibrate I can certainly do without. And that scraping!

Last time I had work done I took valium the night before, and then valium an hour before. It helped. Not fully, but helped.

Dan said...