Monday, April 30, 2007

A Completed Project!

Well, wonders never cease. This past weekend, I went to Boise with three projects in tow and I actually completed one of them. Becky turned me on to making easy bags from placemats, so I bought the stuff I’d need to make three of them.

The first one was a bit disappointing because I found out part way through that the placemats were not even close to the same size. I had measured the handles from the outside of each placemat, so they didn’t match up after sewing. Realizing that all the placemats I bought were different sizes, I decided to make two small bags instead of one larger bag for the next undertaking. I thought the small bags turned out great. I gave them to my nieces Mackenzie and Abby for scripture bags for church.

Then I made the last bag, knowing that the placemats were different sizes. It was a lot easier, because I just eyed everything in since it wouldn’t line up anyway. It turned out much better than the first one.

While in Boise, I also visited my friend Andrea. Her ward had been making these and she made me a really cute bag too. So, I came home with three finished bags and gave two away. Oh, wait. I had to make one more small one. When Brooke didn’t have one, she got mad, so Mom found an old placemat and I quickly sewed one more smaller bag. Yay! Finished projects! (Of course, I didn’t even start on either of the other two projects. Hah!)


An Ordinary Mom said...

So does this mean if I get mad, I will get a cool bag, too :) !! J/K

I am thoroughly impressed you FINISHED some projects!

Becky said...

I am so impressed. It makes me want to run to Target and buy more placemats. Next, I want to see that quilt done!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love the two smaller bags. Hmmm, maybe I will have to dust off sewing machine. But then I should finish some older projects before I start a new one, shouldn't I? NAAAAAAA.

Penny Longstockings said...

Those are cute. You can never have too many bags! Also, I love stuff made out of other stuff. As you know.