Monday, April 16, 2007

Five Obsessions

obsession: 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. 2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion. 3. A perfume by Calvin Klein.

An Ordinary Mom tagged me for the obsession meme. I am supposed to list five things I am obsessed with right now. In no particular order...
  • E-mail and blogs – it’s a little embarrassing to say that I check e-mail and blogs too many times a day, even when I’m not working. As an example, I checked my hotmail account at least four times while out of town in Chicago last week.
  • Watching Gilmore Girls – It must be an obsession when the writing has become so horrible and the characters so morphed from the ones I grew to love at the beginning of the series, but I still have to see every episode.
  • Shopping for shoes – I don’t always buy and I just can’t bring myself to pay more than $100, but I love to buy shoes and you can tell if you see my closet. I’ve tried to channel the obsession in $5 flip-flops to decrease the cost of this particular obsession.
  • Checking my bank balance – So, this one is just plain weird. I know. It’s not like it even changes that much in 24 hours, but I have to check it at least once a day. I think I got paranoid at some point about someone getting access to my account and stealing all my money, so I have to keep my eyes on it at all times. Or maybe I’m just a little obsessed with my bank balance.
  • Starting craft projects – You’ll notice that I didn’t say finishing craft projects. That’s not what it’s all about. Sometimes someone else finishes the project for me, sometimes I abandon it altogether, and sometimes I actually do finish. The rush for me is in the planning and the starting, but not so much the execution of the project. Bummer for me since I’ve started some really amazing projects.
Now that I’ve shared my obsessions, I’m tagging five more bloggers for the meme. What do you say Daddy Shark, Annzy, the SIL, the other SIL, and Lizzy at My Ice Cream Diary? Will you share your five obsessions?


An Ordinary Mom said...

I am obsessed with email, blogs and I love getting snail mail, too. Watching Gilmore Girls is also a must ... are they ever going to have a new episode? I like shoes and my bank balance, but I am not quite as obsessed as you :) !! Starting projects and not finishing them ... I am all over that!

Thanks for playing!

PJMcD said...

I am obsessed with neckties,they take up way less room than shoes.
I am also a freak for filling my music library, more tunes please. E-mails,earwax, or should I say Im driven to ensure that no unsightly wax, hair or even dry skin is anywhere near my facial orifices. I also am obsessed with gifting or sharing with others, I call it a "Santa" disorder, but its never hurt anyone. HO HO HO!!!!!!