Monday, April 16, 2007

Who's Your "Person"?

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy and they talk about their "Person" quite often. It's the person who is not your spouse or girl/boyfriend, but the person who you want to go to first to tell when something really great happens or really horrible happens.

I've been thinking about who my "Person" might be and I've had a hard time deciding on just one. When the DH proposed, my "Person" was my mom. When I got the job I have now at MS, my "Person" was Sam. When I got rear-ended on the freeway, my "Person" was the DH. I also realized that it has changed over time. There may have been that one "Person" in the past, but now I have a really great collection of people that I want to share my life with. It makes me think that I don't really have just one "Person" and I think that's OK.

I'm not sure I have a great answer, but I'm curious about you. Who's your "Person"?


My Ice Cream Diary said...

My sister. Even if it's something I should tell my hubby, I usually run it by her first to make sure I know how to present it to DH. If I had a split personality, she would be my good side. After her it would be my mom and then my DH. I love the guy but he just isn't as interested as I want him to be all the time.

Fantastic Five said...

The Doc. He is my "person." I sometimes wonder if I should find someone else, and I have tried, but it is really awkward for me. He truly is my best friend, and anything bad, good, funny happens, he is the first to know.