Monday, April 02, 2007

Viva! Las Vegas

We're still talking about Vegas, but it's a day later. On Saturday, we drove to Prim and rode one of the best roller coasters ever. It goes 85 miles an hour and has a 250 foot drop that feels like a huge free fall. The free fall probably lasts 8-10 seconds, which is eons in roller coaster time. I loved it!

That evening, we went to our second show, Mystere. It was really different from LOVE. It had really cool ethereal music and great acrobatics. The costuming was surreal and it was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed it and decided that it doesn't really compare with LOVE. They were both great in really different ways.

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An Ordinary Mom said...

I even have a picture of myself on that roller coaster ... somewhere.