Monday, November 05, 2007

Gratitude -- or Two More Reasons to Love the DH

November is a great month to remember all the wonderful things we're grateful for. I have so much to be grateful for that I thought I should share something with you for every day this month. Of course, I can't be expected to blog on this every day, so you'll get groups throughout the month. Here's the start of the list:
  1. A husband who pumps gas for me. I'm a cleaning machine and will do almost all the chores around the house, but I hate to pump gas. I also have a nasty habit (or amazing talent if you choose to think of it that way) of running a tank almost to the end without ever running out of gas. My DH is happy to fill the gas tank any time it's low. He doesn't appreciate how low I let it go, but he is always willing to do the one chore I hate.
  2. Almost as important as pumping gas is killing spiders. We're having an especially wicked spider season this fall and I haven't had to look at many at all in the house. The DH makes sure they're gone before I even see them. Now that's true love.
  3. Autumn leaves are just an amazing exhibit of God's handiwork. I'm so grateful for the beautiful world we live in. It's been especially beautiful this year, too.
  4. Modern medicine makes me really happy. I love seeing how it blesses so many lives, mine included. The DH and I were especially happy to see how it helped our friends the Duke and Duchess as they brought their beautiful baby boy into this world. All I can say to that, is WOW!
  5. Traveling by airplane. I mean, I love a good road trip and all, but how great is it to spend only a couple hours traveling to see friends or family hundreds of miles away. It's especially beautiful after the passes are covered with snow. IYairplanes.
Stay tuned for more throughout the month of November. What are you thankful for? I really would like to know.


PJMcD said...

Thanx Sweetie, you know I'd drag my tongue across flamming glass for you, and it's true that spiders tremble at the sound of my name. I love you the most dear and every day I thank the Lord for your light in my life. I too love air travel. In fact I'm not afraid to fly cuz I've taken the bus, and dieing in a firey plane crash is better than arriving safely on a Greyhound.

annzy said...

I am grateful for online shopping~

An Ordinary Mom said...

I loved doing this daily gratitude blogging thing last November ... I still might do it again this year.

I am grateful for sleep ... especially sleeping children. They look so peaceful and calm when they rest :) !!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I am grateful for:

Forgiveness (I seem to need ot from so many people, so often).

Ice cream. I'm eating some right now.

And a loving hubby who lets me warm up my frozen toesies on his warm legs.