Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Highlights -- and We'll Forget the Lowlights

Life doesn't seem to be slowing down at all, but it's been a great week. The DH and I bought a Christmas tree this weekend in addition to going to two parties with lots of fun friends.

Friday night we went to the famous nacho party hosted by those crazy ice cream eaters. The nachos were great and the green tomatilla salsa was the highlight of my night. Wait -- maybe it was the peppermint bark. Both were very tasty!

On Saturday night, it was the annual Christmas gift exchange at Fred and Cathy's house. We all brought two gifts to exchange and that's just where the fun began. The gifts were funny, irreverant, practical, and everything in between. We left with a purse, a teepot, a spork, and a gnome. Now, that's fun times. I was a little sad when the DH lost the lottery tickets, but we'll live. I like to work anyway.

Sunday we had a wonderful time visiting with another set of friends who live in Lynnwood now. We went to church with them and then had a great pot roast dinner. We got to see their new baby and I even got to have spitup on my shirt. Good times! That evening, we went to a stake Christmas event around the broadcast from the first presidency and Mormon Tabenacle Choir. The presentation was a very nice way to be reminded of the reason for the season and associate with some really nice people. I was in charge of refreshments, so I ordered brownied from QFC and topped some with Andes mint sprinkle. I had a few friends (and tons of help from the DH) to get everything plated and out to the masses. It was an hour of pretty intense work, but everything went off without a hitch. We had exactly 20 brownies left over. How's that for planning? I was pretty happy about it.


LizzyP said...

A perfect plateful. We also had exactly one plateful of cookies left after our pre-broadcast Primary event on Sunday. A fun little Christmas miracle to be sure.

An Ordinary Mom said...

That peppermint bark was fabulous ... and so was the company! I had lots of fun chatting!

Holly said...

I didn't know you were in charge of the dessert, I would have been happy to help out. And I second An Ordinary Mom, that peppermint bark really made my brownie!
Sounds like you are having a busy but fun holiday, hang in there!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

The only reason you had leftover brownies is because we weren't there. ;)

I'm glad you had fun here. I used the reast of that tomatillo sauce to make sweet chicken and onion enchiladas. So good.