Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Secret -- I Guess It's Not an Inside Joke

18 months ago, or so, I learned about "The Secret" from a friend at work. It was discussed on Oprah and then Kevin lent me the DVD. It was astoundingly silly and the DH and I had a good laugh about "using the Secret" to get the things we want. You see, the concept behind "The Secret" is that you can get anything and everything you want in life by simple positive thinking. Well, there may be some truth to the positive thinking, but it's not going to get you a dream house or delightful vacation.

So, after watching the DVD, the DH and I started talking about "using the Secret" to get the red light to change to green or find the best cut of meat. Then when Annzy and Aimes came, Annzy "used the Secret" to get a trip out to Forks.

Now, everyone's using our joke! First it happened last week when Yang talked about "the Secret" on Gray's Anatomy (and did they jump the shark this season with the ghosts and operating on each other, or what?!?). Then this week, it happened again on Pushing Daisies. I watch four TV shows, and in the matter of a week, "the Secret" has been mentioned on two of them. Go figure.


Holly said...

I totally forgot you told us about that. I think I need to work on "using the secret" in my life. Especially if the whole world is doing it :)

Rachel said...

hello I happened across your blog by way of Kimberlee....LOVE IT. AND I LOVE Barenaked ladies....they are one the few modern bands that you can really appreciate...Love the version they do of "We 3 Kings" with Sarah Mclaghlin. LOVE 7 brides as well although I've never seen it on stage....must do that if I ever get to seattle. You are just as clever as Kimberlee. :) Great Blog

Rachel said...

I meant "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" not 3 kings...oops